Wednesday, 4 June 2014


We've just had a wonderful day working with Dundonald school! What a lovely bunch of students and staff. Here are the two songs the children created - Year 3's 'Let the Magic Be Free', and Year 6's 'Stories of the Universe', all based on a Storytelling theme. Here are some pictures of the song lyrics as they were being created!

Here are the lyrics:
'Let The Magic Be Free' yr 3 
Verse: Some stories can be funny
They might be stormy or be sunny
They’re strange big and crazy
Happy, twisty and mazy

We’ll work together day and night
To bring these stories back to life
So feel the mystery top to toe,
Do you feel it in the flow?

Let The Magic Be Free!
As you stand beneath an enchanted tree,
Feel the story all around
From the sky and to the ground.

'Stories of the Universe' yr 6
Once Upon a time, a childhood adventure
Where inspiration was the road to the future
Leading us to a better tomorrow
Where there will be joy, and no more sorrow

Stories of the Universe, look and you will see
Dream and imagine, to be or not to be
Tell everyone, and heed this advice
Follow this rule, and go far in life

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