Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Abbotsbury Primary Songs

Two new songs, based on the Backstories theme of communication. Larch class wrote a letter in song form to thank those who have helped form them (parents, grandparents, teachers etc...)

Larch Class: A Gift From The Heart
The next year 5 song was written as an encouragement to 'listen up'.
Maple Class: Listen Up


  1. Abbotsbury Larch Class: 'A Gift From the Heart'
    The time we spent, full of kindness
    You opened my eyes, no more blindness
    You helped me when I was stuck
    And now you are my good luck

    A gift from the heart
    The best gift of all
    Thankyou for the life
    I'll always adore

    We are timeless
    Our love will never fade
    Fade away like the rain
    I used to get lost, but you showed me the way
    (create your own melody for this section!)

  2. Abbotsbury Maple Class: 'Listen Up!'

    Listen up, listen up, listen up, listen up!

    Verse 1:
    You have ears for a reason
    So don't wait till next season
    Respect your elders and be polite
    Learn the meaning of wrong and right

    Verse 2:
    Listen to other people's advice
    Don't waste precious time you have to think twice
    It's time for you to realise
    That real respect will make you wise

    Well done again to both classes!
    Enjoy singing these through!