Friday, 4 July 2014

St John Fisher Primary - Together in Harmony, We're a Choir as One

We had the absolute pleasure of working with the fantastic singers that make up St John Fisher's KS2 Choir to create two fabulous songs. Taking on our theme of Backstories, they wrote about what it feels like to be part of a choir, and to sing as part of such a strong community. Brilliant stuff!

 KS2 Choir (Year 3+4) - 'Together in Harmony'

Singing songs for the mayor, singing in front of a crowd
Feeling excited, as light as a cloud
My body is made of music, my heart beating faster than a quaver
Singing is my life, my passion for music won't waver

Come along with me, Some amazing wonders you will see
Singing these songs, feeling like we belong
A choir together in harmony
A choir together in harmony

 KS2 Choir (Year 5+6) - 'We're a Choir as One'

When you're alone and sad, and times seem really bad
Butterflies are overflowing, your nerves are growing
Our hearts start to beat, we can defeat
The fear that controls us.

Sing with passion, sing with joy, sing together as one
Believe in yourself and trust your voice
Use your passion, it's your choice

 We're a choir as one, through rain and snow
Let yourself go, let the music flow

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  1. Two very groovy songs St John Fisher. Well done! I wonder you will try writing your own songs over the summer holidays? Phil (from the Be Creative team)