Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pelham songs - Transition and Expansion

In this song, year 5 & 6 explored their feelings towards the school expansion.

Looking ahead
Feeling confused and feeling lost,
Anxious about the changes I see,
Counting the emotional cost of the sacrifice affecting me

Looking ahead to the next generation
We're looking, we're looking to open the door
Looking ahead to a brand new future
We're looking, we're looking, we're offering more

Year 5 & 6 wrote this song thinking about what qualities a good friend has, and what kind of friend they would want to be to others.

Each and every day
When you move into the darkness, I'll be there beside you
If you ever need a helping hand, I'll be there to guide you
If you fly in the sky, I'll fly with you
And it you plunge to the depths, I'll go there too

Chorus :
I'll be there, whatever the weather
Through highs and lows, always together
Every step of the way, each and every day.

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  1. 2 excellent songs Pelham, well done! I like the backing vocals and use of two groups singing.