Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lonesome Primary Year 5 - World War II songs

Two new songs on the theme of World War II. The first 'Sitting on my Rocking Chair' describes war from a child's angle - particularly thinking how they might help out in the community. The second 'The Landscape of London' is a darker song, reflecting on what it might have been like to experience the second world war as a child in London.

Cedar - Sitting on my Rocking Chair Spruce - The Landscape of London


Sitting on my rocking chair

Sitting on my rocking chair
Sewing uniforms to repair
Clothes to give away, everywhere
(Rest!!!) Deep down there’s love and care

Always keeping fit to farm
Staying out the way of harm
Always working with no stop
Helping the brave who go over the top

Sometimes for an hour or so
I watch the brave, navy soldiers go
With the same coloured uniform and gruelling drills
Walking among the high, green hills.

Caring for the casualties
We all have responsibilities
Look after the sick and wipe their heads
Plasters and bandages and making their beds

The Landscape of London

The blackout came – the house was dark,
There was no light – not a spark
The smell of smoke, drove me mad
Dreaming of being - just a lad.

Devastation - all of London
Evacuation -  to safer parts.
Children crying -  of separation
Leaving their homes -  with heavy hearts.

Blitz and bombing every night
Blackouts blocking out the light (x2)

Propaganda posters, posted on walls
Encouraging our soldiers -  and convincing all (x2)

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