Tuesday, 4 November 2014

'Shosholoza' Teaching Resource

This resource teaches you how to sing the South African song 'Shosholoza'. This song is a wonderful example of true community music-making - every child and adult in South Africa knows how to sing this song, and people of different generations will often sing it together. The song is very powerful for South Africans - it became a symbol of the freedom movement in the struggle against Apartheid, and was played at Nelson Mandela's funeral. The modern meaning of the song revolves around the concept of solidarity and brotherhood as men go forth on a train over the mountains, to work and be free.

Here are the lyrics:
Shosholoza, Shosholoza, Kulezontaba, Stimela Si'phume South Africa
which translates roughly as:
Go forward, Go forward, on those mountains, the train from South Africa

 So first, you can listen to and learn the lyrics here... Once you've mastered the lyrics, add the melody... And now, with all the Be Creative layers (Melody, Rhythm, Bass & Harmony)... Now you're ready to singing along to this bass and harmony backing track we've created for you...watch out for the key change!

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