Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Garfield Primary Songs - Ancient Egypt!

We had a lovely time at Garfield school today working with some really enthusiastic and creative year 4 students alongside their wonderful teachers! Together we created songs related to year 4's theme of Ancient Egypt. Owls class wrote about what an ancient ruler or Pharaoh might say to their people in times of need, while Woodpeckers class described the Ancient Egyptians and suggested what lessons we might learn from them nowadays - building incredible pyramids as they did, maybe we can learn from this kind of teamwork and create our own wonders of the world!

Year 4 Owls class: 'I am the Pharaoh'

I am the Pharaoh have no fear
Don't leave don't go don't shed a tear (x2)

I am the ruler of the land
Be strong, come here and take my hand (x2)

Something's coming that you don't understand
Be cautious and careful in your land
Give me respect, and I'll give you peace
War is here, so please understand:

(repeat chorus!)

 Year 4 Woodpeckers class: 'Magnificent Minds'

Magnificent minds,
Amazing finds,
Terrific tombs,
And Tutankhamun

Working together, to create more and more
The Egyptian rule, is a lesson for all

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