Friday, 6 June 2014

SS Peter & Paul School: Brand new songs!

We had a fantastic day today working with two fabulous year 6 classes from SS Peter & Paul School. On the anniversary of the D-Day landings, we chose the topic of 'conflict & resolution'. Year 6 rose to the challenge to create two very different songs. The first, 'Life's a brand new page', was inspired by V.E. day, with the message of celebrating peace, emerging from conflict and rebuilding society.

Life's a brand new page
Chiming bells of victory join together in unity -
Can you feel it in the air?
Now the fight is in the past, finally there's peace at last
And hope is everywhere.

Walk towards the light.
Work 'til something's right.
Turning from the fight,
Life's a brand new page.

The second, 'We'll make it', looks at the theme of hope & friendship through suffering. Taking inspiration from the book 'War Horse', which they had been studying, year 6 imagined what message of hope Joey the horse would convey to his friend Albert.

We'll make it 
One day we'll meet again,
Although we don't know when.
Be joyful, you'll always be my friend.
One day we'll meet again,
Although we don't know when.
Trust in the Lord and we'll make it through.

It's hard but we'll make it,
Believe and stay strong.
Have faith and remember 
Where you belong.

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