Monday, 23 June 2014

Hillcross School Songs

Last week we worked with two lovely year 4 classes from Hillcross school. Elm class wrote a song about teamwork in sport inspired by their school theme of the World Cup, and Holly class wrote about how pictures can tell stories and remind people of the past, inspired by the other current Hillcross theme of 'Lights, Camera, Action'. Enjoy!

 Year 4 Elm class: 'Not About Winning, It's Taking Part'

Sport and hobbies we share
Start the work and strive
Persisting will get us there
Competing to feel alive

Not about winning it’s taking part
Try your best with all of your heart
People together to learn the way
Teamwork from the start to the end of the day

 Year 4 Holly class: 'Why Leave Your Past Behind?'

Childhood Journeys, school picture day
From my first day on earth, I’ve been finding my way
Remembering happy memories,
Keeping friends, forgiving enemies

Why leave your past behind
Take a look at a picture to help you remind
Cherish emotions and make them last
Take a quiet moment as time travels fast

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