Monday 8 December 2014

Thank you!

Our final post for this amazing project will be a HUGE thank you to all the schools involved:) Also thank you to Arts Council England, who helped to make the whole thing possible through their generous financial support, Crown Lane Studio for a fantastic studio tour, Merton Music Foundation for all their support and our sponsors - Wimbledon College Saturday Music School and Tariro Fairtrade Coffee House, Morden.

We made a video during the project at one of the schools...and used three of the new songs created through the project as the backing track!

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Studio Tour Competition

A huge 'well done' to 5GM with their song 'Childhood Times', they won a tour around Crown Lane Studio and also performed their song to the public in Tariro Coffee House in Morden.

You can hear their song again here:

Tuesday 4 November 2014

'Shosholoza' Teaching Resource

This resource teaches you how to sing the South African song 'Shosholoza'. This song is a wonderful example of true community music-making - every child and adult in South Africa knows how to sing this song, and people of different generations will often sing it together. The song is very powerful for South Africans - it became a symbol of the freedom movement in the struggle against Apartheid, and was played at Nelson Mandela's funeral. The modern meaning of the song revolves around the concept of solidarity and brotherhood as men go forth on a train over the mountains, to work and be free.

Here are the lyrics:
Shosholoza, Shosholoza, Kulezontaba, Stimela Si'phume South Africa
which translates roughly as:
Go forward, Go forward, on those mountains, the train from South Africa

 So first, you can listen to and learn the lyrics here... Once you've mastered the lyrics, add the melody... And now, with all the Be Creative layers (Melody, Rhythm, Bass & Harmony)... Now you're ready to singing along to this bass and harmony backing track we've created for out for the key change!

Monday 27 October 2014

Lonesome Primary Year 2 - Healthy All The Way

Year 2 - Healthy All The Way!

Green broccoli

Sweet sweet strawberries
Crunchy carrots
and creamy cheese

Clean your teeth, twice a day
To brush all your germs away
Eat green peas, everyday
Makes you healthy all the way

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Lonesome Primary Year 4 - What Makes Us Human?

Year 4 wrote two songs today based on the theme of what makes us human. The themes of senses and emotions come through both songs... enjoy!

Lonesome Year 4 Oak - A Dream Playground Lonesome Year 4 Ash - Dear King Robot - Yours Sincerely from Ash Class

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Lonesome Primary Year 5 - World War II songs

Two new songs on the theme of World War II. The first 'Sitting on my Rocking Chair' describes war from a child's angle - particularly thinking how they might help out in the community. The second 'The Landscape of London' is a darker song, reflecting on what it might have been like to experience the second world war as a child in London.

Cedar - Sitting on my Rocking Chair Spruce - The Landscape of London


Monday 13 October 2014

Lonesome Primary Year 6 - 'Shipped Away' & 'Australia'

Well done year 6 - two brand new songs - with very different lyric content! See lyrics below for details...

Birch 'Shipped Away' Elm 'Australia'