Friday, 18 July 2014

Hatfeild Primary - Rivers and Memories

5MM This song talks about life flowing so fast like a river - sometimes we get carried along by the current, and we feel like we don't have time to really 'be' in the moment. But we can bank those happy memories and revisit them whenever we want to:) A really thoughtful song, with some really super river imagery - beautifully performed!

Rivers of Memories
Day after day, wave after wave,
Memories caught in the rapids.
Slowly drifting away -
Will they come back another day?

I wish these memories could stay with me,
Rivers of memories.
Never stops moving til it reaches the sea,
Rivers of memories.

Walk over memory bridge,
Take a walk down memory bank,
Meander in the memory valley,
Rivers of memories.

5GM Same theme, but a completely different feel for this song! 5GM wrote lots more lyrics, but we had to cut some of them out to make the chorus more punchy. What do you think? Leave your comments below! This song explores the fact that although we might not remember every memory, we can remember the overall feeling of being young. It was great to see the audience dancing and clapping along in our outdoor performance!

Childhood times
My history flows through a river of thoughts,
A waterfall of memories floods my mind,
Swimming through all that I've been taught,
Meandering Happiness -

Childhood times (glistening in the sea)
Childhood times (flowing back to me)
Childhood times (rolling down the mountain)
Childhood times (bursting like a fountain)

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  1. love the childhood times song! its really good, lovely lyrics! well done to all the children that put that song together! -Jess A x