Monday, 13 October 2014

Lonesome Primary Year 6 - 'Shipped Away' & 'Australia'

Well done year 6 - two brand new songs - with very different lyric content! See lyrics below for details...

Birch 'Shipped Away' Elm 'Australia'

Shipped Away

Near the equator by the sea -
stood the majestic kingdom of Benin
A peaceful community of African beauty
Where multitudes of children -  laughed and played,

the blazing hot sun beating down on their skin
was when the Europeans came busting in
all of the parents were holding their kin
innocent hearts -  sank as they were shipped away

Terrified faces, showing signs of fear
Will the children return here?


Music drifting opera delights
Shark Bay glistens day and night
Ayers Rock stands proud and tall
A natural landmark for one and all

Australia! A mysterious land
Hidden deep within the golden sand
A distant dream
A million miles away
A million miles away

Kangaroos jumping round and round
Slithering Snakes with their rattling sound
Dingos with their heads in the sand
Funnel web spiders crawling to my hand

Unbearable heat and humid air
New smells make my nostrils flair
Sweet sweet sounds - birds are singing
Brand new flavours - taste buds ringing

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