Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lonesome Primary Year 4 - What Makes Us Human?

Year 4 wrote two songs today based on the theme of what makes us human. The themes of senses and emotions come through both songs... enjoy!

Lonesome Year 4 Oak - A Dream Playground Lonesome Year 4 Ash - Dear King Robot - Yours Sincerely from Ash Class

A Dream Playground

I hear the song the wind is singing, 
[GAP!!! Count 1,2,3, silently!]
As it blows through the trees.
Birds are tweeting in the sunlight

The trees are blowing side to side
The leaves are dancing too.
This feeling feels, [GAP] oh so right…

Teamwork is the game we play
Children laughing and having fun
Finding out a brand new way
As we climb through the day…

DEAR KING ROBOT (Yours Sincerely from Ash Class)

Dancing, prancing with the rhythm,
Bones to run and walk,
Dancing to the athletic beat,
A mouth to speak and talk.

To be someone, and not invisible
Give us lots to do!
I’ll live my dream with confidence
And get into the groove!

Lungs to sing so beautifully,
I would like to share,
A heart, a friend, a family,
I would like to care.

More than adventure:
The power of the music!

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