Monday, 23 June 2014

Joseph Hood School Songs

Just before last weekend we went into Joseph Hood school and created songs based on themes of shipwrecks, desert islands and the sea. Year 6 wrote a song personifying the sea, specifically, the sea as featured in Michael Morpurgo's book Kensuke's Kingdom, which they've been reading. They imagined the sea as a force of nature that can be terrifying but also offer up hopeful secrets and messages... and so to year 5, whose lyrics formed what they would say were they to write a 'message in a bottle', and offer it up to the sea. Wonderful work all round!

Year 6: 'I am the Deep Blue'

I carry legends from the past
Secrets hidden in the deep
But it’s time at long long last 
To reveal one that I keep

I carry stories from the past
Treasures from the deep deep blue
But it’s time at long long last
For waves to carry one to you

I am the deep blue
Rough and unforgiving
Beware but also hopeful
I am the deep blue

Year 5: 'Please Rescue Me'

I’m building a raft, raft raft out of wood
As lonely as a bird, screeching in the sky
I’m swimming in the sea, with dolphins next to me

I can see lions, and tigers, and bears, waves closing in
Don’t want to roam, just want to go home
I’m lost and marooned, just save me soon

Please rescue me, I’m ever so lonely
Please recuse me, I will survive
Please rescue me, I’m sending this message
Please rescue me, to keep me alive.

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