Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hollymount School - Rivers and Memory!

Some beautiful songs created today by year 4 children at Hollymount School! They wrote songs on the theme of rivers, life and memory, imagining what a river might say if it had a voice, and also how a river can reflect the way in which we look back into the past.
  Here are the lyrics - try singing along!

 'Life is Like a River' (Class 4L) 
Verse 1:
Sometimes I feel lonely
I flood when I'm angry
I choke when I'm careless
My only friend, an oak tree

Verse 2: Rumbling, tumbling
I shimmer in the sunlight
Flowing elegant and graceful
I'm a wonderful sight

Though I may be blue
I'm happy flowing through
The landscape of life
The landscape of life

 'Burst of Life' (Class 4D) 
The rapid river, rushing by
Exciting fun, for you and I
A joyful touch, in the air
Full of memories for us to share

With a burst of life
I remember the past
There's a wishful moment
That my dreams will last

 Swishing/Swishing, Splashing/Splashing
The river loud
A clear history
The days that make me proud

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